1 Pacific Avenue
1 Pacific Avenue
3.78acre lot


Indulge in the epitome of coastal living with this extraordinary waterfront property that boasts not just stunning panoramic bay views, but a canvas of inspiring possibilities that will leave you utterly captivated. Nestled gracefully in the heart of the Bay Area, this jewel of a property finds itself in a coveted locale, poised to embrace the future with open arms.

Prepare to be awestruck by the sheer rarity of this offering – a Bay Area Waterfront Property perfectly poised at the threshold of greatness, neighboring the upcoming Regional Intermodal Transit Center (RITC). This visionary project promises seamless connectivity through its triumvirate of Train Station, Bus Station, and Ferry Station – a symphony of modern transportation converging right at your doorstep.

Envision the captivating tableau that awaits, a realm of exhilarating possibilities that are as diverse as they are enchanting. Perhaps your imagination will shape this haven into a resplendent Bed & Breakfast, where sun-drenched mornings greet patrons in a courtyard adorned with a charming café. Luxurious suites beckon with balconies that caress the senses and private hot tubs that offer a rendezvous with relaxation, all while framing breathtaking sunset vistas that paint the sky in hues of gold and crimson.

Venture further into the realm of potential, where this property transforms into an oasis of innovation and inspiration. The allure of sprawling meeting spaces and chic offices sparks a symphony of productivity, each corner reverberating with the hum of creative energy. Picture a place where brainstorming sessions transcend the ordinary, ushering in a new era of brilliance against a backdrop of boundless aquatic beauty.

Yet, there exists an even more tantalizing prospect – a Michelin-starred culinary masterpiece seamlessly melding with the bay's splendor. An upscale gastronomic haven poised on the edge of the water, where the cuisine is a journey of artistry and the outdoor seating a front-row ticket to nature's grandeur. It's the very spot where declarations of love echo across the water, etching unforgettable memories into the hearts of all who grace its shores.

Before embarking on your dreamscape, consult the meticulous guidelines of Contra Costa County Planning and the visionary tapestry of the Rodeo Specific Plan. Therein lies the key to transforming these reveries into tangible reality, ensuring your vision aligns seamlessly with the harmonious tapestry of this peerless locale.

In sum, the stage is set, the canvas primed, and the potential boundless – all that remains is for you to step into this realm of possibility and inscribe your legacy upon its shores. A symphony of panoramic bay views, waterfront allure, and inspiring possibilities await your conductor's touch. Seize the opportunity, breathe life into your aspirations, and watch as this property evolves into an indelible masterpiece, an ode to the extraordinary.

  • Beach Access
  • Large Lot
  • Mountain Views
  • Utility: Water
  • Waterfront
  • Bay Views
  • Panoramic Views
  • Pier
1 Pacific Ave
Rodeo, CA 94572
Presented By
Jojo Soriano
DRE# 01716173
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Buyers to do own due diligence as for county building and planning guidelines and with Rodeo Specific Plan.